A few reviews on the book (english translation)

A fully new approach to the content and evolution of Marx’s multifaceted oeuvre and the theoretical originality of his mature writings.

—John Milios, author, The Origins of Capitalism as a Social System

A masterful work by one of the leading Marx scholars of his generation. Simply wonderful—analytical depth, critical knowledge, clarity of comprehension and presentation, grasp of theoretical and historical contexts, combine to create a most insightful Marx biography that will be an indispensable and lasting resource that scholars and researchers, activists and critics alike, should—and will—return to frequently.

—Werner Bonefeld, Department of Politics, University of York, UK; author, Critical Theory and the Critique of Political Economy

This first volume of Heinrich’s Marx biography is the most comprehensive presentation of the life and work of the early Marx (from 1818 to 1841) available in English. His deep knowledge of the young Marx’s initial forays into political theory and philosophy provides not merely a personal narrative but the biography of an idea, as we become witness to Marx’s effort to discover the idea of freedom that is immanent in reality. We finally have a Marx biography that does justice to the complexity and multi-dimensionality of its subject.

—Peter Hudis, coeditor, The Rosa Luxemburg Reader; author, Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism

Marx has found his perfect biographer. The main reasons are two. Heinrich confronts Marx as the most profound and challenging polyhistoric and revolutionary analyst of modern capitalism, the society which is still with us, so that he is even today the thinker of our contemporary times. The other reason is that Heinrich’s attitude is the same as that of Marx: DOUBT EVERYTHING, even Marx himself. Only through this critical perspective Marx’s ambiguities and contradictions can be revealed, and his greatness and legacy be reclaimed.

—Riccardo Bellofiore, Department of Economics, University of Bergamo, Italy; author, In Marx’s Laboratory: Critical Interpretations of the Grundrisse